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  • Beneficial location  Beneficial location

    Amur Region is a leading region of sown areas and soya production volume in Russia. The Amur Region area under soya beans crops makes up 43% of all-Russian volume and 75% of all sown soya beans in the Far Eastern Federal District.

    In 2014 it was registered a record-breaking crop of soya beans in Amur Region – one million tons (44% of all-Russian beans crop). Sown areas of this crop have been increased up to 874 thousand hectares, that is the historic maximum.

  • Sown areas  Sown areas

    Our soya beans sown areas take 45000 hectares of all fertile land. Most of the areas are situated in the Southern districts of Amur Region: Octyabrskii, Tambovskii and Seryshevskii.

    With broadening of sown areas total output is growing too. Annual rate of sown areas increase makes up 15-20%

  • Fleet of vehicles and equipment  Fleet of vehicles and equipment

    One of the most important advantages of the company is its own fleet of vehicles. There are tractors, loaders, combine harvesters – about 100 units of modern vehicles and equipment for different purposes. Regular fleet replacement and strict technical control ensure effective and continuous work of the company.

  • Production plant  Production plant

    Our oil-extracting plant is equipped by the most modern equipment and technical facilities making it possible to produce products of higher quality. Our processing line is provided with the technology of soya bean shell  removal, which increases the soya bean meal protein content  by 2-3% and reduces oil content up to 0.5%. The plant capacity is 200 tons per day, and up to 70 thousand tons of soya beans per year. 

  • Own laboratory and dead-end siding  Own laboratory and dead-end siding

    Before starting production process all crops are strictly checked in the laboratory of “Soya ANK” LLC. It controls every stage of production process, so it is possible to say surely that our products are ecologically clean.

    Our own dead-end siding gives an opportunity to ship products to any place of Russia in time, up to 100 cars per month.  There are highly-developed facilities of cars loading and unloading in our company. We use covered wagons and railway tanks to transport soya beans and soya bean products. Thanks to our own dead-end siding we do not depend on third-party suppliers
  • Authority with clients  Authority with clients
    “Target Agro” Company ensures stable and in-time deliveries for its clients all across the country. Our clients are not only the biggest stock-farms of Ural and Siberia but also famous companies of the central part of Russia, such as  “Ravis” LLC – “Sosnovskaya” poultry factory, “Siberian Agricultural Group” JSC, “Evsinskii grain-producing complex” LLC, “Penzenskii grain-producing Complex” OJSC, “Ozherelievskii feed mill factory” OJSC, “Belorechenskoye” OJSC, “Pyshminskaya poultry factory” Closed Corporation, “Primorskaya Soya” OJSC, “Bogdanovichskii feed mill factory” OJSC, “Armaz” LLC, “Binaka” LLC, “ “De Hes” Corporation etc. 
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