For more than 5 years now, the "Target Agro" company has been actively cooperating with many companies in the Far East Region of Russia. Opening an office in Ussuriysk is a new phase of cooperation with companies from the Primorsky Territory.
An additional office is necessary because of the growing demand to establish and strengthen existing relationships with customers. The extension of the scope of business presence in the Far Eastern Region of Russa is caused by the growth of the agro-industrial sector of the economy, and especially the field of crop production and animal husbandry.
Soy products are widely used in the manufacture of feeds for all kinds of livestock and poultry. At the moment, effective productivity in animal husbandry is only possible with the use of soy and its processed products (mixed feeds) - meal, cake, and other products.

In addition, the active development of crop production causes the fact that soybean seeds and plant protection products are in demand in the region.
"Target Agro" offers high-protein varieties of soybeans from "Prograin" company - Maxus, Opus, Kofu. To significantly increase the yield and quality of the cultivated crops, "Target Agro" company offers plant protection products under the "Zemlyakoff" trademark - one of the leaders in the production of plant protection products, and also offers effective herbicides for soybeans.
One of the priority directions for the development of the company is the export of soybeans and its processing products abroad, namely to China, Japan, and other Asian countries. Ussuriysk is located near the port of Vladivostok, one of the largest Pacific ports in Russia.
Therefore, the opening of the office contributes to the building of new strong linkages with Asian partners.

The "Target Agro" company office in Ussuriysk is located at: Office 13, 19, Primorskaya St..
Working hours: Mon - Fri from 9.00 to 18.00 - NO LUNCH BREAK
Sat, Sun - DAY OFF.

For all questions, please call: +7 (4234) 26-54-01, + 7 (4234) 26-00-19