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Agricultural support
Agricultural support

Agricultural support

For complex technological support, our company has extensive working experience in the Far East Region of Russia and a team of qualified specialists.

Details of agricultural support

The service of professional agricultural support is relevant and nessessary. Many commercial farms cannot afford to have narrow specialists on their staff. The staff of our company includes agronomy technologists, and specialists in plant protection products and mineral fertilizers.
We have our own laboratory equipped with modern equipment.
In our opinion, it is very important that our specialists work directly in the fields.

They can monitor the dynamics of the situation in real field conditions, which makes it possible to more accurately determine the problem, predict its development, and propose concrete solutions.

Our approach is comprehensive professional support by qualified specialists, and not just sellers.
As a part of agricultural support, our company provides free workshop sessions and trainings, field trips and consultations.
We help to identify the problem in a timely manner and offer the best solution to eliminate it.
We help to select the optimal schemes for the protection and fertilizing of agricultural crops, taking into account the soil, climatic and weather conditions.
We help to choose quality seed material.
We help to produce crops with high quantitative and qualitative characteristics.
We help to increase the efficiency of pesticide treatments.
We help to make your crop rotation system more efficient.


+7 (4162) 77-26-15
7, Promyshlennaya St.,
Amur Region, 675000
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OGRN 1117746685100

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