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Soya bean oil

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(ГОСТ Р 53510-2009)

About product

It is a highly healthy product. Its components have a good positive effect on health. Among all oils soya bean oil is characterized by the highest biological activity and 98% digestion.


Delivery volume per month – up to 1000 tons


Delivery means
Railway tanks – 60 tons
Containers – flexible tanks – 18 tons


Place of goods shipment for railway transport is Blagoveschensk station of Amur Region. We can supply our products to any place of Far East, Siberia, Ural and other regions of Russia.


Quality characteristics

Moisture content – not more than 0.3%
Phosphorus mass content – not more than 1600mg/kg
In terms of stearooleolecithin – not more than 4.0%
Flash temperature of extraction oil – above 225°C
Peroxide number - 10.0 mM/kg
Acid number - not more than 1.5mg KOH/g
Color value – not more than 70 mg of iodine