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TARGET AGRO Company invites farm enterprises of Amur Region and the Far East to buy plants protection products of the top world and Russian manufacturers.


Надёжные поставщики
Гербициды в кредит и под урожай
Herbicides on credit
and future crop
Гибкое ценообразование
Возможен расёт зерном и соей
Payment by grain
and soya crops
is possible
Сопровождение и помощь по внесению гербицидов
Support and assistance
in herbicides application
На сонове собственных опытов предлагаем лучшие схемы обработки полей
We offer the best schemes
of fields treatment
on the basis of
our own experiments
Выгодные акции и распродажи
Beneficial sales
and offers

Our company is an official distributor of such manufacturers as:

Avgust crop protection
Du Pont
Buiskii Chemical Plant
BASF The Chemical Company
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Experiments on herbicides application and open-air workshops for farmers:

The general partner in our investigations is a famous authoritative farm –
ANK Agricultural Company

Объёмы покрытия

Crop area

Average crop capacity of grain crops is 25 quintals per hectare

15 000 hectares of grain crops per year

Average crop capacity of soybean is 12 quintals per hectare

80 000 hectares of soya beans per year