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Isolated soy protein

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About product

It is fine-dispersed, high-functional, defatted, carbohydrates- and fiber-free soy product, which contains a big amount of protein in dry weight. It is used during the production process of emulsified and coarse-cut meat and fish products of different categories, production process of milk products, baked and confectioner's goods, pastries, soups, sauces, yogurts, drink powders, baby and diet food.

Advantages of isolated soy protein:

  • Makes the product easy to cut, stabilizing the matrix water/fat/protein;

  • Improves consistency, juiciness, tenderness and marketable state of products

  • Decreases the risk of broth-fat edema

  • Stabilizes and increases the resistance of meat emulsion to the heat

  • Decreases the loss during heat treatments, which increases the product yield

  • Enriches the product with protein

  • Decreases the prime cost (1 part of protein bonds with 6 parts of water, which replaces 7 parts of meat)

  • Doesn't have any flavor in the final product

  • Emulsifying ability 1:6:6 (protein-fat-water)

Monthly Delivery - up to 300 tons

The delivery is carried out

in containers (20 and 40 pounds)

by vehicle

Packaging: 20 and 40 kg bags

Blagoveschensk, Amur region, is a shipping point. The product can be delivered anywhere in Russia.

Qualitative characteristics:

Moisture - 8.1%

Weight fraction of crude fat - 0.14%

Weight fraction of crude protein - 81.6%

Weight fraction of crude fiber - 0.21%

Urease activity - 0.0 pH

Country of manufacture - China