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Full-fat extruded soya beans

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(ГОСТ 17109-88)

About product

It is a high-calorie product with high content of protein. It is a universal feed ideal for all kinds of cattle and poultry. This product is of high feeding value. It can compensate protein and amino acids shortage in cattle feeding, as it is one of the main reasons of cattle’s low productivity.

It is possible to substitute expensive protein additives if adding this product to fish feeds, moreover, it fosters the growth of fish and as a result improves the quality of end products.


Delivery volume per month – up to 2000 tons


Delivery means
Covered wagons (in sacks/in bulk) – 66 tons
Grain carriers – 62 tons
Railway container (in sacks) – 20 tons

Place of goods shipment for railway transport is Blagoveschensk station of Amur Region. We can supply our products to any place of Far East, Siberia, Ural and other regions of Russia.


Quality characteristics

Moisture content – not more than 10%
Crude fat mass content – not less than 17%
Crude protein mass content – not less than 37%
Crude fiber mass content – not more than 6%
Urease activity – 0.1-0.3pH